The Peugeot 208 has won Europe’s most coveted automotive award, the Car Of The Year title.

This is the sixth time that Peugeot has won this title having won the award five times across five different vehicles in the past. These include the Peugeot 504 sedan (1969), 405 sedan (1988), 307 (2002) and 308 (2014) hatchbacks, and the 3008 SUV in 2017. The 3008 SUV was the first SUV to win the award since its creation in 1964 and the judges are more than 60 European automotive journalists.

With a choice of both efficient petrol and diesel engines, as well as a full electric variant, the all-new 208 forms a part of Peugeot’s strategy of unboring the future by giving drivers the power of choice: “choose your Peugeot, choose your powertrain.” 

The e-208 represents a new leap in the world of electric mobility. With a range of 217 miles, its 100 kW (136 bhp) electric motor with 260 Nm of torque (available from 0mph) enables it to go from 0-62mph in just 8.1 seconds. 

The  e-208 also features three driving modes: Sport, Normal and Eco and the new 208 has already received 130,000 orders in Europe, including 15% for the electric e-208 since its launch in September last year. And that’s despite the Coronavirus which is sweeping the continent.

The 208 is built on the same platform as the Vauxhall Corsa and both models are run buy the French  PSA group.

It is a great performer like the majority of small Peugeot models in the past and prices on this one starts at just over £16,000 and goes through to almost £30,000, the electric model being the most expensive.

The petrol models are the 1.2 litre versions, a 1.5 litre diesel with five or six speed manuals and an automatic too. It’s just what Peugeot say. You can have whatever you like, they have the version. The specs are the Peugeot typically – Active, Allure and GT Line. You get what you pay for and there are a host of bits and pieces which include front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera; cyclist and pedestrian detection; Blind Spot Monitoring etc etc. The list goes on.

The 208 and the 2008 SUV as well feature the latest-generation 3D Peugeot i-Cockpit® with a compact multifunction steering wheel, a configurable 3D head-up display panel and either a 7” or 10” HD capacitive colour touchscreen. Further technological aids included are Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function (depending on trim), Lane Positioning Assist and Mirror Screen offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

The 208 is extremely comfortable and a pleasure to drive. All the engines are nice and punchy, you will easily get more than 40 miles to the gallon and most of the CO2 emissions are below the 100 g/km mark. There is a 60-40 split rear seat which folds down to increase boot space from more than 300 litres to more than 1,000 litres and that helps with that extra shopping.

Peugeot are having a tough time at the moment with the Coronavirus but should come out the other end stronger. Just how Vauxhall production will fare with its production on Merseyside is another thing. I fear for the worst.

Peugeot operates in 160 countries with more than 10,000 points of sale and the brand sold more than 1,450,000 vehicles in 2019. 

The UK is the third largest market for Peugeot with its UK Headquarters located in Coventry. The UK car line-up includes the 108, all-new 208, 308, 508, all-new 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV supplemented by people-carriers and a van range that includes the Partner, Expert and Boxer.