The Five Alls, which is between Burford and Lechlade, is right at the top of its game. We’ve been going here for more than 20 years and it has changed hands a number of times during that period. It just seems to get better. Twenty years ago it was interesting to say the least. Prices are now reasonable and food is excellent. Service can be a bit slow at lunch time.

Traditionally pub names had a pictorial representation, and the inn sign for inns named Five Alls showed five representative figures, each in appropriate garb with a motto underneath. 

This has occurred in a number of variations, but usually included a monarch saying I rule (for) all or I govern all, a bishop or minister saying I pray for all, a soldier saying I fight for all, and a farmer saying I pay for all. (In modern signs, often John Bull pays for all.) The fifth figure was often a lawyer saying I plead for all, or could be omitted, in which case the inn would be named Four Alls.