The Cupra Ateca is the performance version of the SEAT Ateca SUV.

But for a reason which I don’t quite understand the SEAT name has gone out of the window and Cupra is now a brand in its own right. So basically if its called a Cupra that means it’s a fast SEAT. Wonderful thing marketing.

But as they say CUPRA is an exclusive brand for unique people, designed to captivate customers and meet all car lovers’ expectations of uniqueness, sophistication and performance. 

In its first year of life, CUPRA sales in 2018 went up by 40 per cent compared to last year, reaching 14,400 units. Along with the launch of new models, CUPRA will also keep the motorsport and racing spirit alive by participating in the TCR series. The CUPRA world is alive and ready to conquer a new group of enthusiasts in close to 280 specialised corners and stores around the world.

The new name been around for a while on the various SEAT hot hatchbacks but now with a sexy new Cupra logo on the front of the Ateca. More are to follow in the future.

The Cupra Ateca is certainly not cheap with prices varying from £36,000 to £42,000 and if you want to lease one at that price is going to cost you around £500 a month.

But it is certainly a car which can shift. It has a 2.0-litre TSI turbocharged engine producing 300hp which pushes the power through a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox to all four wheels. The acceleration is 0-62mph acceleration in five seconds and a top speed of 152mph. 

And surprisingly even if you push it about you will still get more than 30 miles to the gallon, although the insurance group will be 33.

SEAT models continue to get better and better. They are certainly the pride of Spain and even though the bosses are from Volkswagen you would be more than happy to have one.

They are great to handle and the Cupra Ateca is a delight whipping through the lanes with precious little to catch you.

I like the new branding with its cleverly designed badge and a good use of copper and carbon throughout. The car has a certain menace about it and is appreciated by those people who like their motors.

The Ateca has lost a bit of boot room because of the four wheel drive, but it still has a 485 litre boot, an electric tailgate and plenty of storage cubby holes. Four people can travel in comfort for more than 200 miles.

There are sports seats with extra side bolstering and a virtual cockpit digital dial setup. The dashboard design, switchgear and door panels are shared between the Cupra and SEAT Atecas. The touchscreen infotainment system is like other models making it easy to use with connectivity options like Bluetooth, DAB, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and sat-nav.

CUPRA built a rooftop race track on an eight-storey building in Paris in order to give its Ateca model a unique test run.

Inspired by racing but designed for the city, the CUPRA Ateca (pictured) was driven on the sky-high circuit by World Touring Car race-winner, Mikel Azcona.

Built in just six days, the track stood 27 metres above the streets of Paris and featured a final turn with a 21 degree incline and allowed Azcona to pilot the 300hp Ateca at speeds of up to 120kmh.

“I’ve been to racetracks all over the world, but never on one like this with such spectacular views”, admits racer Mikel Azcona.

The track was constructed within sight of the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris’s most famous landmark.Its 324-metre iron structure can be seen from almost everywhere in the city and, for a few days, the Ateca was its lofty companion.

With more than a century between them, the Eiffel Tower has crowned the Parisian skies for 120 years, while CUPRA launched the brand’s first model just one year ago.

Far from measuring up to the landmark monument of the French capital, this track will be remembered as the first ever to be built on a rooftop in Paris,

The Eiffel Tower was built using iron and was a revolutionary centrepiece for the 1889 World’s Fair. In comparison, the CUPRA Ateca rolled out into the world of SUVs in 2018 delivering 300hp, which made quite an impression on Azcona during the event: “What impressed me the most is the aggressiveness it displays and its power output, in addition to how agile it is in the curves.”

It rains an average of 111 days every year in Paris and the Eiffel Tower has withstood the ongoing effects of corrosion on its metallic structure. On a slick track where water also left its mark on this experience, the rain was no impediment for the CUPRA Ateca equipped with 4Drive four-wheel drive. “Driving in the rain was even more amazing, but it had surprising grip on this slippery track – it was incredible,” stated Azcona.

Every year more than 7 million tourists visit the Eiffel Tower, making it one of the most visited monuments in the world. CUPRA’s SUV model also boasts record figures, with more than 7,600 units sold since its launch.