Every time you get into an Audi car it is always a surprise.

You know that it is going to be a great ride because of your previous experience. But each time their cars just seem to get better. How does that happen? No other manufacturer can keep up with them.

My latest test drive was the Audi A5 Sportback which is basically based on the Audi A4 but has been given those extra curves which you could say was necessary for the model world.

The latest is the Mk2 version, which originally went on sale in 2017 and four years down the line the Sportback is just better than ever.

All the engines are 2.0-litres with varying power outputs which have a good choice of engines which starts with the 148bhp 1.4 TFSI 150PS petrol, followed by a 2.0 TFSI in 204PS and 265PS. The diesel range includes two 2.0-litre models badged 35 TDI and 40 TDI with 161bhp and 201bhp respectively. 

The high-performance S5 Sportback is now only available as a diesel, but there is the RS 5 Sportback with a 2.9 TFSI twin-turbo petrol making 444bhp. An interesting ride!

All models have the brilliant seven speed S tronic automatic gearbox but quattro four-wheel drive is only available on selected versions of the A5 Sportback, being fitted as standard to the 40 TDI and 45 TFSI, as well as the S5 and RS 5 performance variants.

All of the engines are smooth and the six engines will give you miles per gallon from between 35 to 60 and there are seven trims. To date there is no plug-in hybrid.

There is masses of kit as standard, which include Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone mirroring, wireless phone-charging, built-in sat-nav, online features, voice activation, two USB sockets in the front and two in the back, and an eight-speaker stereo. The optional Comfort and Sound pack you get a B&O stereo with 19 speakers and 755 watts of power.

The Vorsprung trim gets the music bits and replaces the aluminium with oak veneer;  the standard seat leather is replaced with nappa leather and that covers the dashboard and centre console.

The driver gets a good view around the car while the back is somewhat limited for taller people. The A5 is one of the quietest cars on the road with wind noise virtually non existent and all engines just purr like kittens.

Handling is at the top of the range, well weighted and little body lean. The driver gets a great view all away around and every model has front and rear parking sensors plus a rear-view camera as standard, which is upgraded to a 360-degree camera on the top-end Vorsprung trim.

The boot is an excellent size and will take four suitcases easily; the dashboard is easy to use, with buttons and knobs to control the main functions. All versions have the virtual cockpit system as standard. 

Like the rest of the Audi fleet the Sportback has a three year warranty and the company’s corporate tagline Vorsprung durch Technik – Progress through Technology – continues with one of the most successful slogans. Why? Because they continue to build the world’s best cars.