Speeding motorists have been travelling at more than double the limit during lockdown, UK police have revealed.

One driver was recorded at 134mph in a 40mph limit in London, while another was clocked at 115mph on a 40mph road in Greater Manchester.

A crash could put a huge strain on other blue light services, one force said, if it led to injury or staff being exposed to Covid-19 and forced into self-isolation.

Forces said the minority ignored rules.

Supt Julie Ellison, from Greater Manchester Police specialist operations team, said: “My officers are working tirelessly to track down these offenders who are using the quieter roads as their own personal racetrack.”

Recent incidents across the UK include: Seven people were killed in crashes in London since 20 March – including three motorbike riders and a cyclist; Gloucestershire Police said two people had been killed in separate crashes.

It also recorded one motorist at 74mph in a 30mph limit and another at speeds of up to 122mph on the M5; GMP said it had caught more than 6,200 drivers breaking speed limits since lockdown began on 23 March. The force recorded a driver doing 115mph on a 40mph road and one reaching speeds of 129mph on the M62; a man was recorded above 130mph on the A90 between Peterhead and Ellon, Aberdeenshire, on 12 April; a driver was stopped in Sudbury, Suffolk, travelling at 80mph in a 30mph limit with no insurance and no driving licence.