Oxfordshire based tech company Saietta has announced plans to expand production facilities. Bringing 150-250 jobs in the area over the next three to five years, the new sustainable plant will be powered by solar panels. It will be funded by a fresh investment round.

Saietta’s radical, lightweight and efficient motor has played its part in setting world speed records for electric powered aircraft and boats, as well as launching the first manned electric helicopter flight and powering the first Isle of Man TT Zero victory.

Continuing the roll out of its radical Axial Flux Traction motors to the mass electric vehicle market, the UK company plans to sell its technology under licence in Asia and the rest of the world.

AFT technology can be used in all mobility solutions, from scooters to buses. Saietta is seen globally as one of the most disruptive EV technology businesses in the world, and lists leading OEMs as its clients today.

Underlining the strength of these plans, former Goldman Sachs MD Emmanuel Clair has been appointed as non-executive chairman.

Wicher Kist, Chief Executive Officer Saietta Group, said: “We have now reached the point at which the last three years of planning can be realised.

“The appointment of Emmanuel Clair is a natural step in our evolution and signals that we have the impetus to deliver transformative solutions for mass-market EVs.  The new round of funding will allow us to fast track our deployment.”

A prominent investor and board advisor at Saietta since 2017, Clair has decades of relevant experience in engineering, investment and renewable industries.

He said: “I have been watching the growth of e-mobility for the last five years, and my decision to accept the role at Saietta Group is a commitment to the company’s potential, which I think will be transformative to the entire mobility industry.”