The British Motor Show returns in 2020 on the back of an incredible history of Motor Shows that mark Britain out as one of the most significant shows in the world.

And to drive that message home, The British Motor Show has looked back at over 70 years of history to pick out the top 10 British Motor Shows of all time.

Three of the best-selling cars ever made appeared at the 1980 show – the Vauxhall Astra, which is celebrating its 40th birthday by still going strong, and the Austin Mini Metro, which isn’t. But at the time it was the most important British car in a generation. The show also saw the third generation of Ford’s legendary Escort hit the road.

And in1990 the Ford Escort Mk 5, pictured, that was headline news. 

The British Motor Show has an all-new venue and management team for 2020, with the promise of major international launches and a global presence once again. Make sure you follow us for all the latest details and attend the show at Farnborough International on August 20th-23rd.

The organisers are expecting over 50,000 visitors through the doors between August 20th-23rd, dates which have been chosen to coincide with school holidays and make it as accessible as possible for all visitors.

Tickets for the show will represent terrific value at £18.50 for adults or £37 for families with up to two children.